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Divine Practice

Christi and Mark came together in 2015 to bring forth Divine Practice. This set of programs and ideas help deepen your spiritual connection to yourselves and others. We do this by working through the three main components of the program which are Love, Inspire and Empower.


Both Christi and Mark teach and give guidance to help deepen love of self and to allow love to be the center of transformation.


Through their unique gifts, Christi and Mark have the ability to help inspire you to become more than you thought possible. They do this by helping you find solutions where you see no answers.


Christi and Mark both teach from a space to empower you to find workable solutions in your life.

Love Inspire Empower

Welcome to Divine Practice


Divine Practice is a set of spiritual teachings created by Christi BlueFeather and Mark Rawson. It is based on these foundational teachings: “Love, Inspire, Empower.”  Christi and Mark believe that it is important to use Divine Practice teachings to work with you to overcome life challenges.  They believe that it is important to ask questions so that you can be guided to come up with your own solutions.




Events and Exciting News:

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Please note that we have closed the Fort Worth Meetup group.

The Holistic Fair of Fort Worth, TX
Sunday, Jan 8, 10am-6pm     www.theholisticfair.com
81 Club at Billy Bob’s Texas, 2520 Rodeo Plaza, Fort Worth, TX 76164  MAP and Directions



Are you looking to purchase ORMUS?  For more information see our ORMUS page or click this link…

Cost is $33.00 each for one, or purchase 3 and get 1 free.

“Peaceful Ascension” ORMUS

Notes- Shipping in the United States is $7.77, contact us to ship to other locations before purchasing.


Contact Us:  call 682-233-4775 or Email info@divinepractice.com

Latest Posts

Welcome to Divine Practice

Welcome to the Divine Practice blog.  We will be posting more information soon related to the ever expanding spiritual journey.
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